Why did you charge my credit card?

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Почему денежные средства были списаны с моей кредитной карты?


When you completed a tax refund form you chose to take your refund immediately at the store or at a Planet city centre refund location before you had your form stamped by the Customs authority.


You agreed that if any of the following conditions were not met, Planet could debit your credit card for the agreed amount:
- You need to obtain a valid customs validation (physical stamp or digital validation where available)

- You must deliver the validated form to Planet within 21 days of the refund date
You must fill out the form correctly and include all the mandatory information and contact details

If you haven’t sent the validated tax refund form please send it back to us without delay. We will then re-credit your card.
Please send your validated Tax Refund form (and purchase receipts if required) to the following address:
Domaniewska 39
Warsaw, 02-672

Please note that the debit amount may differ from the refund amount, as it may include an additional fee.
For more information on tax free shopping visit How to Shop Tax Free
Further information can be obtained through our FAQs

You can contact us by email or telephone via Contact us