Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Pay in your own currency

Say goodbye to nasty surprises when you shop abroad. Pay in Your Currency means you know exactly what you're paying, when you pay.

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Why pay in your currency

More choice and clarity when you pay abroad
Complicated transactions and unfamiliar currencies can add stress to your trip. We take away any confusion with our real-time currency conversion solutions. So you can see exactly what you’re charged at the moment of payment.
Remove uncertainty and avoid unnecessary fees
Our currency conversion solutions mean you pay in your own currency, so shopping in a different country becomes a more familiar experience. You know exactly what you’re paying – and there are no unexpected fees.
Best Rate Guarantee - locking in the ultimate value assurance
Planet gives you a better foreign exchange rate that your bank, so you know you’re getting the best deal that day. However, if your bank's rate is better on another transaction that day, we refund the difference up to 150%.

Simply present your Visa or Mastercard at the counter to choose your currency

Get peace of mind when shopping aborad

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