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24% VAT rate

Standard VAT 24%; food and books 11%. Actual tax refund value subject to amount spent and Terms and Conditions.

  • Shoppers eligible for VAT / Sales Tax Refund:
    Non-Iceland residents
  • Currency:
  • VAT rate:
  • Minimum spend:
    6,000 ISK on the same day and in the same store
  • Time limit for customs approval:
    To be obtained within 3 months after the month of purchase

Go shopping and get your Tax Free form

Get your Tax Free form Customs approved

Return your Tax Free form to Planet and get your refund

Personal export advice

If you are purchasing goods in Iceland for personal export, ask in store for a Planet form.


Complete the form, have it signed by a store employee and attach the original purchase receipts to it.


Then get the export validation and your refund in cash or onto your credit card.

Get export validation and refund

  • In order to get your tax refund, Tax Free forms must always be export validated within 3 months after the month of purchase.


  • When leaving Iceland, before checking in your luggage at the airport, present your completed Tax Free forms along with the original purchase receipts to the Planet refund agent.


  • Have your passport, purchased items and flight ticket with you for possible inspection.


  • The refund agent will export validate your Tax Free forms and refund you in cash (cash fee may apply) or to your credit card.


  • For a credit card refund make sure you write the number of a valid credit card on the Tax Free form.

Required for refunding:


Fully completed Tax Free forms stamped by customs

Purchase receipts

Tax Free shopping in Reykjavík


Downtown district

  • The largest and best selection of stores are located here, on and around the bustling streets of Laugarvegur and Skólavördustígur in the city center. Everything from big global brand names, to little fashion boutiques, and independent art galleries. Reykjavík and Geysir in Skólavörðustígur has some excellent souvenir options.


Northern Lights

  • Although they can only be seen during the winter, photos are available at the shop Aurora Reykjavik, the Northern Lights Centre on Grandagarður Street. You can also purchase jewellery made from natural Icelandic lava rock, sold in several stores on Laugavegur.


Smáralind shopping center 

  • Located on Hagasmári, this is Iceland’s most modern mall, which holds over 100 businesses on three floors, it has both large and small businesses including Debenhams and Karen Millen, Pandora and Nike. You can travel the 1km journey via a free shuttle bus from Aðalstræti Street in the city centre.


Kolaportid Flea Market

  • Reykjavík’s most famous indoor market, located on Tryggvagata Street, a few minutes from the city center and opens every weekend, inside are stalls selling a multitude of items. Some of Iceland's stranger delicacies such as the ripe-smelling cured shark (Hákarl) can be tried here. Most of the vendors only accept cash.