Guide to Tax Free shopping in Norway

How to shop Tax Free in Norway?

  • Step 1: Go shopping
  • Look for Planet logo and ask for Planet Tax Free form when making a purchase
  • Step 2: Get Customs validation
  • Step 3: Return your Tax Free form to Planet and get your refund

Shopping in Norway

Go shopping and get your Tax Free form.

Norway Currency: NOR
  • 25%Standard VAT rate
  • 15%Food
  • Minimum spend:
    • NOR 315.00
    • on the same day and in the same store
  • Shoppers eligible for VAT / Sales Tax Refund:
    • Shoppers who are permanent residents outside of Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark
    • Shoppers who are permanent residence at Svalbard or Jan Mayen are eligible for tax refund if the purchase amount exceeds 1.250 NOK per item
  • Time limits:
    To receive a Customs stamp:
    • 30 days after the issuing day of the Tax Free Form
    To receive a refund:
    • 1 year from the issuing date of the Tax Free Form
  • Refund limits:
    • Pre-validation Cash: NOK 9700
      Pre-validation Credit Card: NOK 9700
      Post-validation Cash: NOK 9700

Get your Tax Free form approved by customs

Refund requirements

Required for refunding:

  • Fully completed Tax Free forms stamped by Customs

Required for customs approval:

  • Fully completed Tax Free form
  • Unused purchased goods and receipts
  • Passport and travel documents

Customs advice:

  • Remember to validate your Tax Free forms at Customs before leaving Norway.

Special note:

  • Get export validation at the last Norwegian departure point.
  • Cruise ship passengers must get the their Tax Free form export validated at the ships final Norwegian port. This may be performed by a partner on-board the ship on the day of departure or from a city centre based location. Please enquire with your ship’s Guest Services for further details.

How can I get my refund?

  • Visit any Planet Refund Office
  • Present the validated Tax Free forms and get your refund
View Refund locations
  • Standard refund
  • If you haven't received your refund at our Refund Point, provide your payment details on the Tax Free form, get Customs validation and return the Tax Free form together with shop receipts by post using Planet prepaid envelope. You can also leave your Tax Free form together with shop receipts in one of our Planet drop boxes.

What other refund options are available?

  • Before leaving the EU from Norway you may get your refund prior to export validation
  • To take advantage of this refund method the spend must be above 1500 NOK per Tax Free form
  • If you received the Tax Free refund before your departure, you must get your Tax Free Form Customs approved by the last EU Customs and return all stamped Tax-Free Forms to Planet Poland office within 21 days. Otherwise your credit card used for guarantee will get charged as agreement confirmed.
  • Please allow enough time for Export Validation whether you are leaving Norway via border crossing, sea crossing or at the airport
  • Travellers can validate and refund Norwegian forms in all Nordic airports where Planet have offices

Search for refund locations in Norway

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