Guide to VAT Free shopping in the Kingdom of Bahrain

How to shop VAT Free in the Kingdom of Bahrain?

  • Step 1: Go shopping
  • Look for Planet logo and when making a purchase ask for Planet VAT Free tag
  • Step 2: Validate your purchases
  • Step 3: Receive your refund
  • There are several ways to receive the refund

Shopping in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Go shopping and get your VAT Free tag.

Kingdom of Bahrain Currency: BHD
  • 10%Standard VAT rate
  • Minimum spend:
    • BHD 100
  • Shoppers eligible for VAT Refund:
    • Tourist:
    • - Any natural person (above 18 years old)
    • - Not residing in any of the Implementing States*
    • - Not a crew member of a flight or aircraft leaving the Kingdom of Bahrain
    • * Implementing States: The Kingdom of Bahrain does not currently recognize any other GCC Member States as Implementing States for the purpose of VAT. Therefore, under the current rules, all GCC nationals are eligible for tourist VAT refunds (exception being Bahraini citizens residing inside the Kingdom of Bahrain).
  • Time limits:
    To validate your purchases:
    • 2 months from the date of purchase
    To receive a refund:
    • 1 year
  • Refund limits:
    • Cash: BHD 500
      Credit card: Unlimited

Refund requirements

Required for refunding:

  • - The original sales receipt with the original VAT Free tag
  • - Purchased goods
  • - Passport / GCC ID used to enter the Kingdom of Bahrain

Special note:

  • - Before check-in go to the Planet locations in the landside.
  • - Tourists can validate the purchased goods up to 6 hours before the schedule departure time.
  • - The VAT Free tags must be issued on the day of purchase.

Additional information

  • All goods are subject to VAT, except for:
  • - Goods that have been fully or partially consumed
  • - Motor vehicles, boats and aircrafts
  • - Goods that are not with the overseas tourist at the time of leaving the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • - Services such as taxi fares, hotel stays and restaurant meals

How can I get my refund?

  • Visit our Planet validation points at your departure ports (Bahrain International Airport and Khalifa Bin Salman Seaport).
  • Present the required documents and goods to validate your VAT Free tags and get your refund.
  • You may get your refund in cash or to the credit or debit card

Need help?

Contact our Planet support team.

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