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GDPR Compliance

May 2018


Planet (the new brand for Fintrax Group) incorporates Premier Tax Free, Planet Payment, Fintrax International Payment Services, GB Tax Free and e-Tax Free.


As you may be aware, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation came into force on 25th May 2018.


Protecting retailer and tourist data and complying with all applicable rules and regulations has always been a key focus for us, and this remains the case with the implementation of GDPR.


Behind the scenes, we have made many changes to the way we handle data, including:


  • Transparency:
    • Our Data Protection and Privacy policies have been updated to align with Article 13 of GDPR which spells out specific information that must be communicated to customers from 25 May 2018. These will be regularly reviewed and updated where necessary;


  • Accountability:
    • We have reviewed our existing data risk and compliance framework to ensure we have addressed the specific GDPR requirements;


  • Governance:
    • Fintrax has a robust governance framework in place, and the Group Audit and Risk Committee ensures data privacy and protection are a constant priority for the Directors and Group Board;


  • 3rd Party suppliers:
    • We have reviewed all our supplier relationships and addenda to our contractual agreements have been issued;


  • Privacy agreements:
    • Our tax-free vouchers have been updated to reflect the information required by GDPR, and our comprehensive privacy policy has been updated on our website. We will only ever process your personal data for the purposes we have agreed; and


  • Data Security:
    • Our information and data security measures are ISO 27001 certified and PCI-DSS compliant, and we have processes and procedures in place to ensure regular review, and to protect stakeholder data.


We have invested significant effort into ensuring the way we process personal data reflects the additional commitments outlined in GDPR. Data privacy has always been, and will continue to be, one of Planets core values in our relationship with all our stakeholders.


You can find our new privacy policy here.