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18% VAT rate

Standard VAT rate 18%; books, pharmaceuticals 5%. Actual tax refund value subject to amount spent and Terms and Conditions.

  • Shoppers eligible for VAT / Sales Tax Refund:
    Non-EU residents
  • Currency:
    Euro (€)
  • VAT rate:
  • Minimum spend:
    50 Euro per individual receipt
  • Time limit for customs approval:
    3 months after the month of purchase

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Where to get Customs approval

  • Last EU departure point


Refund options available

  • Airport Cash*
  • Credit Card (including UnionPay credit or debit card)
  • Alipay
    *A cash fee will apply



  • If you receive a City Cash refund in your shopping destination, you must get your Tax Free form approved by Customs and return it to Planet within 21 days and the original store receipt or your credit card used for guarantee will get charged.
  • At the airport, please allow enough time for Customs approval process before your flight departs.
  • Make sure the goods are sealed and unused.
  • If you are departing from Malta International Airport but changing flights at another EU airport, and if the goods you are exporting are to be checked through to a destination outside the EU, go to Customs at the airport in Malta and your Tax Free form will be export validated as if you were at the EU departure point.

Measuring only 17 miles by 9 miles, Malta is easily the EU’s smallest member state.


However, this Mediterranean archipelago more than makes up for its lack of size with its sheer beauty and character, rich and varied history, its wonderful beaches and clear blue sea, as well as some fantastic shopping destinations.


  • No trip to Malta is complete without a visit to this jewel of a capital city.

  • Whether entering via the stunning City Gate through Parliament Square, or catching a horse-drawn ‘Karrozzin’ from the cruise liner terminal on the breath-taking Grand Harbour, one cannot fail to be impressed by the beautiful Baroque architecture, punctuated by no fewer than 25 churches, including the incredible St. John’s Co-Cathedral, which is home to Caravaggio’s masterpiece; The Beheading of John the Baptist, among other priceless and important pieces.

  • Valletta’s main thoroughfare and shopping street is Republic Street, which stretches all the way from City Gate, right down to Grand Harbour.

  • Here and in the pretty and quaint streets as well as several shopping malls, you can find many of the familiar high street brands for clothing and footwear, as well as numerous eyewear outlets – a good pair of sunglasses is essential during your stay in Malta!

  • You will also find an astonishing range of luxury goods, jewellery and timepieces among Valletta’s shops; not just on Republic Street, but also on Sta. Lucia Street, St. Zachary Street, Melita Street and also Merchants Street.

  • Malta is renowned for its high quality gold, beautiful filigree items, custom-made jewellery items, as well as gorgeous and traditional hand-made Maltese Lace.


  • A short bus ride from Valletta, or better till a trip on the ferry caught from the capital’s Marsamxett Harbour, takes you to Sliema – a modern, bustling town known for its Café Culture, as well as some of the best shopping on the island.

  • Among the coffee shops and ice-cream parlours on The Strand, Tower Road and Bisazza Street, you will find some very familiar international brands and fashion outlets to suit all taste, ages and budgets.

  • Also right in the heart of Sliema emerging on both Tower Road and Bisazza Street, you will find The Plaza Shopping Centre allowing the opportunity to shop in air-condition comfort away from the mid-day sun!

Tigne – The Point

  • Although really part of Sliema, this is a recent residential and commercial area, developed on the coastal outcrop known as Tigne.

  • The main attraction is definitely The Point – Malta’s largest and newest shopping mall, also boasting some great dining options as well as a vast underground parking space.

  • Within The Point and also around the external Pjazza Tigne, you can find all of the top sports brands, as well as the major names in fashion, footwear and eyewear.

  • The Point is a true shopping destination, and a not-to-miss attraction during your stay.



  • Gozo is Malta’s smaller, quieter sister island, often referred to as the ‘Gem of the Mediterranean’.
  • On the way there on the Gozo Channel Ferry you will pass the even smaller island of Comino, where you can also take a boat trip to, for a swim in the gorgeous turquoise coloured water of the famous Blue Lagoon.

  • Gozo’s main city is Rabat, also known as Victoria, and is the islands main shopping centre.

  • You will love wandering around Victoria’s winding narrow streets, discovering its tiny piazzas, where you can stop for a cooling drink or something to eat.

  • A visit to recently restored, ancient and walled part of the city, The Citadella, is also very highly recommended.

  • The main square ‘It-Tokk’ is home to a popular daily flea-market, and is surrounded by eateries as well as shops, ranging from traditional Maltese goods and souvenirs, to jewellery, watches and clothes shops.

  • You will also want to check out the main street leading up to the city centre; Fortunato Mizzi Street (becoming Republic Street), including the Arkadia Commercial Centre for a number of fashion outlets.