An online marketplace designed to remove barriers for U.S. retailers targeting Chinese Consumers

AsiaCheckout is a comprehensive online marketplace where US merchants can offer and sell their goods to the Chinese consumer in Chinese RMB or Hong Kong Dollars, accepting payments with UnionPay debit, credit or e-bank transfer. Launched in partnership with International Checkout, AsiaCheckout combines the power of UnionPay International with the expertise and experience of industry leaders in eCommerce technology and international logistics.

China has become the world’s largest eCommerce market, with tremendous appeal to U.S. e-tailers. However there are significant obstacles which make it difficult for U.S. merchants to navigate. Effectively marketing to and attracting Chinese consumers can be problematic and costly. Upgrading payment processing to accept local payment types, as well as handling the logistics of shipping and customs, can also prove overwhelming.

AsiaCheckout offers a comprehensive solution that answers all the needs of U.S. merchants selling to China online. Click here to learn more about how it works.

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