Referral Programs

Enjoy a new source of revenue with minimal additional work. If your merchants can benefit from our iPAY Global Gateway and innovative multi-currency processing solutions, you can easily earn an additional revenue stream through our Affiliate Referral program. Simply refer your merchants to us, and we’ll handle the setup, billing and ongoing support. Receive commission for each referral sale we close, as well as a portion of the ongoing monthly fees and transaction fees generated for the lifetime of the merchant’s account.

Our broad range of services feature:

  • Real-Time, Comprehensive Reporting
  • Robust Payment Gateway
  • Multi-Currency Solutions

Our Referral Program allows us to manage your Merchant Services Portfolio, from signing up merchants all the way to handling your customer service calls. This program is a more “hands-off” approach, where you won’t have to manage direct sales and/or operational responsibilities. As you refer customers to us , we handle the sales, maintenance, and risk of the merchants.
Our client managers will work with you to create a Merchant Services Program to meet your customers’ needs, as well as help you drive portfolio growth through sales and marketing initiatives. It’s that easy — you extend your product suite while earning more revenue, and we’ll manage the program.

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