Multi-Currency Pricing

Merchants Can Price & Sell in Multiple Currencies… While Getting Paid in Their Own

E-business E-commrce Business Responsive Design ConceptMulti-Currency Pricing lets eCommerce and mail-order/telephone-order (MO/TO) merchants targeting international markets price in multiple foreign currencies – while still receiving payments in their own. MCP is a valuable, easy-to-implement solution for merchants looking to attract new, foreign customers and convert more browsers into buyers.

Increase Global Sales

With e-Commerce and mail-order/telephone-order (MO/TO) businesses, shoppers today come from all over the world. Merchants can expand
their customer base and increase global sales by setting prices beyond their local currency. MCP is available in over 100 cardholder currencies to customers paying with their MasterCard, Visa or JCB cards.

MCP turns international browsers into customers. Cardholders in Japan enjoy the clarity of shopping and paying in Yen, shoppers in the UK enjoy the certainty of paying in British pounds, while the merchant still receives payment and reporting in their local currency. With Multi-Currency Pricing, merchants set prices in currencies their international shoppers can understand –their own.

Maximizing Global Potential with Minimal Effort

iStock_000056874284_LargePlanet Payment’s Multi-Currency Pricing solution is easily provided through the convenience of a single local merchant account, with funding and reporting continuing in the merchant’s home currency.

Unlike other currency providers, our solution does not require the setup of an international entity or any foreign bank or wire transfer fees. We currently offer over 100 cardholder currencies and flexible merchant pricing solutions – fixed or variable pricing that helps merchant meet their specific business and revenue goals. Offer this superior pricing solution and increase your global sales today! Get Started Now.

Whether a merchant sets a fixed price or opts for our variable solution, Multi-Currency Pricing will help increase foreign sales, making shopping easier for their valued international customers. Learn more about maximizing your global potential today.



Benefits to Merchants

  • Increased global sales from the convenience of a local acquiring solution
  • Higher conversion of international browsers to customers
  • Reduced customer service inquiries/chargebacks
  • Enhanced customer loyalty with greater incentive to choose you for their next purchase

Benefits to Customers

  • Confident, informed buying decisions
  • Leisure travelers enjoy the certainty of knowing the final cost in the currency they understand best – their own
  • Higher appreciation of purchase value
  • No surprises! The amount your customer pays in their home currency matches their credit card statement amount

Multi-Currency Pricing Sales Sheet