Enhanced Fraud Detection

iStock_000025866272_Large - CROPPEDThe iPAY Gateway’s Enhanced Fraud Protection services, powered by Kount®, include a range of fraud monitoring and prevention services that help eCommerce and MOTO merchants identify and prevent suspicious transactions. Our fraud services help minimize and prevent authorization and chargeback fees, while maximizing legitimate transactions.

Enhanced Fraud Protection services are customizable to help you control how suspicious transactions are handled, allowing you to approve, decline or hold transactions for manual review. Escalate problem orders to supervisors. Write rules for your own variables and shopping cart analytics, and auto decision many orders with a customized fraud rules engine. You can also track history of an order from creation to fulfillment, and overturn or refund an order that is identified as fraud.

Our range of fraud protection services for eCommerce and MOTO merchants include:

  • Dynamic Order Linking

    – the ability to link transactions based on direct and indirect relationships to each other in order to identify fraudulent persona.

  • Dynamic Scoring

    – continuous monitoring of transactions, rather than a one-shot evaluation approach, gives merchants an added edge in the fight against fraud.

  • Device Fingerprinting

    – a proprietary and patented technique that provides a unique device fingerprint and identification of each device placing online orders.

  • Affiliate Fraud Detection

    –A fraud tool set specifically aimed at the prevention of affiliate related fraud schemes through the order linking technologies as described above.

We recognize the importance of fraud prevention and are committed to offering superior protection to our merchants and their cardholders. To learn more about the iPAY Gateway’s complete suite of Enhanced Fraud Protection services, contact us today.