Risk Management

Planet Payment Risk Management services offer our acquiring customer customized system access controls and a suite of tools and alerts to minimize risk and decrease fraud for their card present and card-not-present processing.
Chess board and pieces in a chess game. business conceptSystem Access. We offer each acquirer customized access control that ensures only users with the appropriate authority can access selected functions or view sensitive data. Detailed security audit reporting of individual users and IP blocking to limit remote access are available.

Fraud and Risk Monitoring. Acquirers can use our fraud monitoring tools to suspend or reserve merchant funds if fraudulent activity is suspected or identified as transactions process through our systems. A range of velocity limits are available including but not limited to sales volumes, ticket amounts, ticket counts, credit and chargeback ratios. We also offer a service where by acquirers and merchants can disallow transactions initiated from a specific IP range, BIN range or all cards issued in selected countries.
Businessman hand holding a pen pointing to data graphs on computer monitor.Porfolio Risk Management is an optional portfolio-level service, where an acquirer’s daily post-clearing transaction data is compared against established fraud flags, generating exception flags based upon daily activity and defined periods of time. Exception flags to daily parameters include but are not limited to the number of duplicate cards in a period, the average ticket allowed, percent of credits, sales, keyed transactions and chargeback’s allowed. Extended period exceptions are also monitored including but not limited to ninety-day averages for sales volume and average tickets that exceed 150% of the portfolio norms.

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