Reconciliation & Reporting

Businesswoman sitting at her desk with computer screens showing chartsThrough our global platform, Planet Payment offers a single web-based portal where acquirers and processors and their merchants can manage all of their reporting and reconciliation processes. Through our easy-to-navigate portal, acquirers can view and analyze all transactions
and consolidated activity, completed in different currencies, at various times, across multiple regions and disparate point-of-sale devices. Our global access comes with the added advantage of local language support, including reporting and translated user interface in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Online tools for merchant pricing interchange management, profitability, exception management
and billing help acquirers more easily manage diverse merchant portfolios. Offering seven-levels of hierarchy, reporting can be segregated by independent sales organizations or other third party partner. We also support multi-national acquirers with consolidated reporting across ICAs, BINs, and regions, available via the Internet, at all times, at the touch of a button.

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