Commercial Services Platform

Combining Payments with Virtual Products / Services

CSPOur Commercial Services Platform (CSP) empowers more versatile, flexible POS terminal capabilities, allowing merchants to do more with the hardware that’s already on their counter. Instead of having one terminal for virtual services like mobile top-up or lottery, and a separate terminal for debit/credit card payments, our CSP allows these various products and services to exist on one device, and be managed remotely through one centralized platform.

Our CSP also serves as a revenue opportunity for terminal distributors, whether they are ISO’s selling payment processing terminals or sellers of pre-paid virtual goods and services. ISO’s and other distributors can sell more to their merchant channels, by adding additional products to terminals they’ve already placed.

Enabling a single terminal to function as one interface, our Commercial Services Platform allows for one terminal to facilitate the processing of electronic transactions from multiple suppliers, and to supplement and modify product SKU’s and terminal menus remotely on the fly. iStock_000009789356_Large - CROPPED

Our innovative processing solutions have allowed us to overcome local and technical limitations in frontier markets where cash is still dominant, to expand card acceptance and deliver value-add solutions that enable merchants there to conduct business more efficiently.

Our goal is to deliver a powerful, new feature-rich processing solution to acquirers and merchants on a worldwide basis, designed to be delivered quickly while minimizing the need for any development or changes to the acquirer’s existing systems.

Some of these financial and non-financial transactions include:

  • Card Payments
  • Pre-Paid Airtime
  • Bill Payment
  • Mobile Top-Up